Creating and implementing a comprehensive sexual health curriculum that informs & educates families

My experience in sexual health education began in the fall of 2004 as a participant in a family life program with my 11-year-old daughter.  With a group of 10 other moms and daughters we learned and laughed, and my daughter and I began a dialogue that has continued since.  It was an invaluable experience, and one that altered my career path, and my life as well.

The journey continued as I spent two years as a Sexual Health Educator for a local non-profit organization. I traveled to schools, churches and homes presenting families with the facts about reproductive health and sexuality.   What I found most interesting about my experiences was how eager both parents and kids were to get more comfortable with these topics.  Interestingly enough, however, is they simply did not know how.   I was compelled to create TheTalk.

Since then, I have been creating and implementing this comprehensive sexual health curriculum that informs and educates families, while giving them the comfort and confidence to communicate openly and honestly with one another.  TheTalk is an informative, educational experience that engages kids and parents alike helping them learn, share and create an ongoing dialogue about sex and sexuality.  It has been incredibly rewarding and continues to be my passion.

With a degree in Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara, I have more recently completed the Sexuality Educator Certificate Program from the University of Michigan’s Graduate School of Social Work.  Additionally, I have been certified as a Family Life Worker with the California Family Health Council and have received my Certificate of Professional Development in Sexuality through Rutgers University’s Answers.

All the while I continue having TheTalk; informing, educating and facilitating a valuable dialogue between parents and kids – creating a conversation to last a lifetime.

“Keep doing this. It’s great! I learned a lot and had fun. My favorite part was being able to learn about things that made me feel uncomfortable before but now I feel like I could talk with my parents about it any time.”



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