Frequently Asked Questions

TheTalk delivers the facts about sex and sexuality....

Is my child too young to learn about sex and sexuality?

Kids are learning about sex and sexuality throughout their lives and are never too young for age-appropriate information. As kids enter puberty, around ages 11 and 12, they often begin to hear inappropriate and inaccurate messages about sex through peers and the media. That why this is a perfect time to give them a value-centered, comprehensive sexual education. Learning the facts about sex and building a foundation for open communication with parents, prepares kids to make good choices in the future.

Does learning about sex encourage and/or accelerate sexual behavior?

Providing information is not the same as giving permission. In fact, the opposite proves to be true. Studies show that teens who have received truthful, comprehensive sex education make more responsible sexual decisions than their peers who do not.

Why do we need TheTALK when my kids already receive sex education at school?

TheTalk is a comfortable and fun learning experience kids share with their parents. The information is taught through short lectures, games and activities. Children feel more at ease asking tough questions and parents are able to share their thoughts and values. TheTalk is more than an anatomy lesson, it’s an opportunity to learn and to build a foundation for open, two-sided dialogue between parents and kids.

Will TheTALK undermine the family and religious values I’m trying to teach my child?

Quite simply, no. TheTalk relies on parents to provide their kids with the values they wish to instill. Given that, there are some times when kids do ask value sensitive questions. thetalk will always respond truthfully, presenting the facts, and will encourage parents and kids to discuss the issue later.

What if my child doesn’t want to participate in TheTALK?

That’s perfectly normal. Many kids are uncomfortable with the topic or feel they already know everything. Rest assured, most kids enjoy themselves enough at the first session to come back.

“I wish I had done this with my older kids! I feel as if my son can come to me with questions and knows the facts before believing rumors.”


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