TheTalk delivers the facts about sex and sexuality....

It’s important

The fact is, most parents, and kids for that matter, are uncomfortable talking about sex.

As parents, sometimes it’s hard to find the right moment, to know what the appropriate age is, and exactly what and how much information to provide. For kids, it’s just plain embarrassing.

When parents do try, the “birds and bees” speech is usually a one-time, one-sided event. Parents lecture; kids nod their heads and everyone is left feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Compounding the problem are the various sources of information available to kids outside of parental influence. With access to the Internet and social media forums, along with peers and media influences, parents can be left out of the loop as to what their kids are learning and whom they are learning it from.

And although many schools provide some type of sex education, there is a wide gap between an anatomy lesson in the classroom and a value-based, open dialogue between parents and kids.

TheTalk delivers the facts about sex and sexuality, while positioning parents as the primary source of guidance and advice, providing kids with the tools they need to make healthy, safe and informed decisions related to their sexuality.



Don’t wait!

Kids are most receptive about sex topics between the ages of 11 and 14. Waiting beyond

that could be too late if you want to have an influence on their behaviors and opinions.

“I wish I had done this with my older kids! I feel as if my son can come to me with questions and knows the facts before believing rumors.”


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