Great class! My son and I loved it. We have always had open discussions about “the birds and the bees” but this took it to a much higher level.

After the last session, my son and I were driving home and he told me how much fun he had and how much he learned. He said he was sad that the class was actually over.

I wish I had done this with my older kids! I feel as if my son can come to me with questions and knows the facts before believing rumors.

TheTalk helps open the lines of communication so my son knows we know about the same topics.  I think it is geared perfectly to the current topics that are the issues they will deal with.  The class was great.  My son didn’t want it to end.

We benefitted-way more info than school-plus the current lingo, etc.. It’s great!

TheTalk was great! We couldn’t have covered this much info in years on our own.  We both feel more comfortable talking about anything now.

At the end of TheTalk my daughter said she could come to me with any questions!  Thank you.

TheTalk has given us a forum to discuss sex and pregnancy and exceeded my expectations all around.  I couldn’t have asked for a better forum to learn and discuss with my child.

TheTalk made my daughter feel comfortable about discussing potentially embarrassing issues with me.  It was amazing, direct and very informative.  I will recommend this program to many.  Thanks so much!

TheTalk opened up communication with my daughter about uncomfortable topics.  I felt the topics and presentation were thorough, age-appropriate and fun.  We all enjoyed ourselves!

My daughter said this really curbed back her curiosity and answered her questions.  I would not change a thing.  I loved the flow of the class – anatomy, puberty, sex, and then relationships.  Amazing!

I am so thankful that this information came from a professional and that all the facts were addressed.  You were always kind, thorough and genuine.  Thank you! This experience was great and I will continue to do this with my other younger children.

The open dialog that was started with this course will continue to benefit us in the years to come.  It made us comfortable with each other to talk.  A great experience!  Thanks so much.

Learning was easy and not scary and embarrassing!  I had a lot of fun.  I was always excited to come here and learn more things.
5th grade girl

My favorite part was EVERYTHING.  It was fun.  Can you do it for us again? YOU ROCK!!!
6th grade girl

Surprised – I thought I would HATE it but I LIKED IT.
6th grade girl

I liked interacting with my mom and feeling comfortable.  I learned things that I didn’t know.  It was helpful information that I probably wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t come to this.  It was good learning the correct info versus what I would hear from people.
7th grade girl

My favorite part was interacting with my mom and friends and feeling comfortable about this content. Thank you so much for teaching me about this material! I learned many valuable things that I will use later in life, and I feel more connected to my mom after talking about puberty and sex.
7th grade girl

I loved the activities we did as a group and how we went over the info with our parents.  My favorite part was talking to my mom about the stuff that I used to be afraid to talk about.
8th grade girl

Now I will know what will happen to me and my body, and I kinda can’t wait
6th grade boy

It was awesome and I would want my little brother to have this class when he is older.
6th grade boy

My favorite part was learning about the consequences about sex, so we know.  I learned a lot.
7th grade boy

My favorite part was being able to talk in a group about sex, and the responsibilities that go with it.  Thank you for helping me understand more about everything.
7th grade boy

TheTalk was very informational, very fun and we were all able to communicate well.
8th grade boy


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